House of Kolor


Everyone knows our story—the less than stellar paint job on Koz’s 1940 Chevy Coupe that inspired him to start mixing his own color with organic pigments. Everyone knows it was 1956 when he introduced the industry to House of Kolor creating a category that would later inspire fellow painters, his peers to embrace the brand and help to create a culture. House of Kolor isn’t just a premium line of custom paint and products, it’s a lifestyle. Painters live it every day. They look to House of Kolor for its range of color capability and award-winning finish. They remember opening their first can of paint—in fact, most still have it on a shelf somewhere in their shop. You may be preserving the few drops that remain inside and holding on to the nostalgia of what the world recognizes as the first custom paint brand. That House of Kolor can is a keepsake and what’s inside is original—it can never be duplicated.



our basecoat is the one that will greet everyone that looks your way. These products can make your project sparkle, shine, shimmer, and turn heads. The hard part is deciding which to choose. Let us show you what will work best.


Looking something that pushes your project even further? Get a load of these special effects. Pair them with Shimrin2 or Shimrin, and the custom crowd won’t know what hit it.


The first step in every House of Kolor paint job is always a proper undercoat. Our products prep and prime your surface for that beautiful shine that’s come. Check out our options so you know what you’re working with.


The final step is the topcoat, giving your project that show-ready finish that Kustom Krew members have craved since 1956. UV blocking, flow out, gloss… you name it. We’ve got the final touch for you.