Collision Core™

Intelligent, intuitive, and interconnected solutions that deliver measurable and optimal outcomes.
The Sherwin-Williams Collision Core™ suite of applications are designed to build strength and stability into the core of your business—removing silos and connecting data, refining and validating processes, optimizing labor and resources, educating and engaging employees, reducing waste, and identifying root cause and effect.


The first of our six applications to be launched is Collision Core™ Quality. This easy-to-use, fully-mobile App provides in-process, time-stamped, peer-to-peer quality verification and validation assurance. Delivering manageable data insights, cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and ultimately, peace of mind.
In today’s constantly changing high-risk environment, Collision Core™ Quality is an essential tool to protect your business, the repair and the driver.

Cost of Quality – The average rework takes a technician approximately 1.25 hours to complete, losing not only time on the clock, but the added revenue that the technician could have made in that hour. It is estimated that internal quality failures could negatively affect up to 20 percent of a body shop’s monthly revenue.

*Based on recent interviews and repair resolution data.