Simoniz: Diamond Plate Kit (1 KIT)



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Simoniz Diamond Plate is a high-quality, professional nano-ceramic coating that chemically reacts with vehicle coatings to form a smooth, shiny protective layer. It creates a stronger bond than traditional wax or paint sealant. In fact, Simoniz guarantees Diamond Plate for up to 2 years of weather exposure or 5,000 washes!

Diamond Plate is simple to apply: using overlapping strokes, put it on a clean car in sections. After 6 minutes, return to the freshly applied Diamond Plate and buff it until it shines. When complete, the car will be highly dirt and water repellent! Each kit includes VisionBlade windshield protector so that you can add great water repellent action to windshields, too. It cures quickly enough that the customer can wait for the service to be completed.

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