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catamount coatings long islandCatamount Coatings

 is an automotive refinish paint line designed to help technicians produce excellent paint jobs. However, it is because our painters’ excellent paint jobs, that we still continue to manufacture and produce our products. We are forever grateful for every shop that decides to take their technique to the next level and decide to showcase their skills with Catamount Coatings.

Whether you are pulling a dent from a fender-bender, or reconstructing a classic, we understand that with every paint job, you are representing yourself and your company. We know that you stand behind your work and because of that, your work stands behind you. For those who are currently creating top-notch work with Catamount Coatings, we appreciate that you allow us to stand behind your work, your reputation and your passion. Here at Catamount Coatings, we proudly stand behind our products because we know that we not only represent ourselves with every ounce of paint, but more importantly, we represent you.

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