“CMA has been on the forefront of the paint remover market since 1982. Our paint removers are not retail store type products, they are maximum strength removers made for the professional refinisher.”

CMA Fast Fact: All CMA paint removers are considered  Ultra-Low VOC products (less than 2.0VOC)

CMA Strip-It-Dry Automotive Paint & Coatings Remover:

The original dry automotive paint stripper that revolutionized the industry over 30 years ago! This unique patented product is a wet-to-dry paint remover that lets the stripper do the work for you!  In the refinishing industry, time is money, so why waste time and money with physically sanding? Brush on wet, walk away, allow to dry thoroughly then remove. The dried paint crust makes clean up and disposal easy.  If you are going to use a paint remover, then why not use the most effective and user friendly remover on the market.  Excellent for restoration use as well as powder coat coatings removal!

Fiberglass Paint & Coatings Remover:

Formulated especially for the removal of paint & coatings from fiberglass surfaces of cars, trucks, and boats. This product when used as directed will not damage the original gel coat.

* Excellent for Corvette or boat restoration!

CMA Spray-N-Strip Topcoat Remover:

CMA’s Spray-N-Strip is designed to spray on for easy application, especially in hard to reach areas. Finish can be removed wet or dry. Extra strength, non-flammable formula. Excellent for today’s plastic bumper top-coat removal and refinishing, as well as metal & aluminium wheel refinishing. Includes 1 plastic trigger spray bottle.

Aircraft Paint & Coatings Remover:

Formulated for efficient removal of aircraft and automotive finishes. This product conforms to all aircraft specifications for hydrogen embrittlement and has been certified by Boeing and MacDonald Douglas. Excellent choice for aircraft refinishing or restoration.