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Remove oil and water particles from the air with a greater degree of efficiency using the MotorGuard Comp Air Filter. This compressed air filter utilizes a distinct method of filtration to create a labyrinth of sub-micronic openings from the interlocking fibers on the fabric surfaces. This enables capturing particles as tiny as .01 microns. The patented compression technique preserves a suitable filter density, ensuring optimum efficiency with a minimum drop in pressure at a good flow rate.

The M-60 air compressor filter model provides very clean air. The filter is a disposable and non-degrading type that is free of parts that can contaminate the system. This filtration unit enables a maximum flow of 100 CFM at 80 PSI. It is recommended that you use this model of air filter at the wall drop. It features 1/2 inch ports to enable installing directly in-line on rigid air lines.



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