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Tools Needed for Auto Body Repair – A Guide

If there is one thing that a great shop must have, it’s the right tools needed for auto body repair.

Whether you are getting a body shop up and running for the first time, or just giving a facelift to the services you are offering, it’s crucial to make sure you are outfitted with the proper tools to get the job done. In this article, we will lay out the basic equipment needed for a body shop.

Please note, we’re assuming you’ve already got the basics for automotive repair — wrenches, bolts, screwdrivers, etc. — so we won’t be going over those, nor is our list totally exhaustive. Ultimately, you will want to have the tools for the kind of services and repairs that your shop offers.

But this body shop tools list is a great place to start.

Car Painting Equipment List

If you’re planning on offering car painting and touch ups as a service in your shop, here are a few of the bigger items you should have at the ready.

Paint gun

We know that this one might be a bit obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that choosing a paint gun is no unimportant task. While you don’t necessarily need to get an ultra expensive paint gun, if you do a lot of paint body work, you may want to opt for a higher quality product. You may also want to get multiple spray guns for different job types.

Air compressor

A paint gun is only as good as the air compressor that’s running it. Make sure that you get a compressor that is specifically designed for paint guns so that you have enough power to get the job done.

Air hoses

When painting cars, the air needs to be conducted under pressure; that’s where air hoses come in. You’ll want to choose one that is long enough to reach the necessary distance in shop, as well as light enough that it isn’t a nuisance.

Paint Booth

One big product you may want to invest in is a paint booth. While smaller paint jobs can normally squeak by without one, if you’ll be doing a lot of painting in your shop, you’ll want to be ready.

Paint booths ensure you have a designated area that’s only used for automobile painting, and also help with safety concerns and maintenance that come along with vehicle painting.


As with any auto body shop, there are also odds and ends that should be on hand for painting purposes, too such as tips, nozzles, replacement cups, and paint shakers to name a few. These painting supplies may not be the bigger purchases you think about, but they play a crucial role in getting the job done with efficiency.


Auto Body & Collision Repair Tools List

Obviously, there are many tools that we could list here, but we’ll just touch on the necessities for a few common repairs below.

Small repair tools

For the smaller repairs you come across in your shop, have some dent tools on hand, from stud guns to fillers and spreaders, among others. For larger dent repairs, you’ll need to get something similar to the deluxe steel dent removal system.

Big repair Tools

When a car’s damage is bigger than minor cuts and bruises, you’ll want to pull out the heavy duty tools.

One of the most important is a frame and body straightener, which allows you to restore the car’s original frame when it has been warped.

Beyond the body straightener, you’ll also want to have these accessories on hand for frame jobs:

Glass repair

Another common repair seen by many auto body shops is glass or windshield repair. While there are a myriad of tools for these repairs, a few should not be forgotten:

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