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ALLCHEM Illustrious Product Line Available at Ben-Ami Auto Care 


Advanced chemical technology for car care and refinishing. 

By Ben-Ami Auto Care 


Looking for compounds and polishes that are a cut above the rest? 

ALLCHEM® S.R.L.’s Virtus brand leverages over 57 years of research, development and innovation. For over a half century, the Virtus brand has always created the best products for the care and maintenance of vehicles. 

Imported from Italy, this illustrious product line is the result of decades of research into nanotechnologies. This scientific research has led to the creation of a range of professional products that are now trusted by leading car care and detailing professionals as well as experts from around the world. 

Now at Ben-Ami Auto Care, ALLCHEM’s Virtus’ line of compounds and polishes is ready for pickup.

Virtus-branded advanced compounds can be used to remove blemishes of coating — without the need for water — including from sandpaper marks, scratches, oxidized coats and more. Regardless of the job at hand, Ben-Ami has the right Virtus compound for you. These compounds are safe and effective for a wide variety of coats, including water-based, high solids, single component, 2-pack and acrylics.

Additionally, these market-leading, newly formulated compounds are versatile and easy to use. Product benefits include: drastically reduces polishing time; can be used with rotary or dual-action polishers; easy wipe; drying free; low use needs; no dusting or splattering; no holograms after wash; and much more.  

Ben-Ami Auto Care is also proud to offer hologram free Virtus polishing products, which guarantee results with maximum respect for the environment. The Virtus polishing system is ideal for the removal of deep and medium-sized defects from painted surfaces and gelcoat. Regardless of whether you are looking to treat new or old surface imperfections or scratches, ALLCHEM’s Virtus’ polishing system will not disappoint.

Satisfaction and results guaranteed. The proof is in the shine.   

Our line of these highly regarded compounds and polishes include:    

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